Bibliographic Review

A Bibliographic Scan of Digital Scholarly Communication Infrastructure

This Bibliographic Scan by David W. Lewis provides an extensive literature review and overview of today’s digital scholarly communications ecosystem, including information about 206 tools, services, and systems that are instrumental to the publishing and distribution of the scholarly record. The Bibliographic Scan includes 67 commercial and 139 non-profit scholarly communication organizations, programs, and projects that support researchers, repositories, publishing, discovery, preservation, and assessment. 

The review includes three sections: 1) Scholarly citations of works that discuss various functional areas of digital scholarly communication ecosystem (e.g., Repositories, Research Data, Discovery, Evaluation and Assessment, and Preservation); 2) Charts that record the major players active in each functional area;  and 3) Descriptions of each organization/program/project included in the Bibliographic Scan

Published: May 2020

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The Tool

We’ve posted a public version of the early version of our tool for measuring your investments in Open. Feel free to make a copy of it to calculate your local institutional investments.

If you need help in using it, contact Michael Roy ( ).

To get a sense of where we are heading with this, you can read a draft specification that we’ve written for a system more robust than a google spreadsheet.

The List

We now have a list of over 150 possible ways to invest in Open, and preliminary data from 35 libraries as to how they invest in these.

We also have questions:

  • How do we maintain this list?
  • For any given investment opportunity, what additional information would be useful?
  • Are there items missing from the list?
  • What items on the list should not be included as an investment in Open? And who gets to answer this important question?